1AM has two art inspired event rental spaces located in downtown San Francisco and downtown Oakland (max occupancy 75).  Please inquire for parties up to 240 as we have further venue options available.

For events, both onsite and offsite, we offer graffiti and street art offerings which range from fun and interactive activities to custom decor to take the event to the next level.  Whether guests want to be fully hands on, or just viewers, our activities are visually mesmerizing and easy to do.  Our normal offerings are listed below and we are always up for a creative challenge so share your vision with us.

We offer our services outside of our 1AM event rental spaces and for more info, please contact

–  Live painting custom artwork

–  Custom designs for event decor, host apparel, and furniture 

–  Custom large canvases for guests to spray paint on

–  Custom large canvases for guests to use graffiti markers

–  Custom cup art design(s) on fencing for guests to fill in with color coordinated cups

–  Guest, or 1AM staff stenciling on T-shirts, canvas boards, or totes takeaways

–  Guest, or 1AM staff tagging on take away canvas boards 

–  Spray Can control practice for guests