1AM Mobile is a street art guide curated by a global community.   As a community driven photography app, 1AM Mobile celebrates art in the streets by letting members capture and share what they see in the streets and also view and share what others members have contributed.  In essence, 1AM Mobile aims to tell you what’s up in the streets and let you take part in documenting street art history.

Not only does the app feature community contributed images of street art (with options to share, id tag, follow, and/or comment), but it also provides accurate directions to current and pre-existing pieces for an up close and personal experience.  With the constant emergence, evolution, and removal of street art, all images are time stamped which give a historical chronology to every uploaded piece.

At the moment, we only have the iOS version available, but stay tuned as we will be running a Kickstarter campaign to fund the design and development of a dedicated website and Google Play version.

As we strive to reach the 1AM Mobile app goals and improve the user experience, we are always looking for ideas and feedback so drop us an email at mobileapp@1amsf.com, or reach us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @1AMSF.

– 1AM Mobile Team-